This site has been down for quite some time. My wife and I retired some time ago and decided to become fulltime RV'rs. We have been spending our winters in Arizona and our summers in a different part of the country. After 2 years of retirement I decided I was bored. Out of retirement I come.

Gonna update the website, make some not so sneaky petes and do some more computer work. It's amazing how many of us old farts in RV parks have computers. I found a new career just helping everyone learn how to use this thing.

Stay tuned for the changes. For instance:

My links page is so far out of date that it no longer be supported. It will now be a direct link to Ed Mercier's link page. As soon as time permits I will write a new links page that will be targeted to a much smaller audience. Any questions or suggestions email the CueMaster.



This a partial links list and will expand as new sections are added:


Anatomy of a Pool Cue

Best of R.S.B.